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My name is Tony Gough, born in 1943 and an on and off pigeon keeper since the early age of 8.

The first birds I kept were bought for a shilling and lived a life of luxury in a tea chest, which was strategically nailed to the back of my Dadís Shed.

As time progressed so did my love for these flying wonders. And my first Loft was born! No more nailing things to Dadís shed, I imagine much to is delight!

With a proper loft in place and a few years of nurturing and learning all about these birds and what made them tick. I joined the local club and decided to try my hand at racing.

After some years of keeping and racing birds, life took itís hold and I got married. At this time other things become more important than my pigeons and I gave them grace for a few years.

On my return to the sport I decided to keep tumblers for a change, and was instantly captivated once again. Completely amazed at their flying ability and capabilities.

Impressed with the agility of the tumblers I decided to look into keeping other types of pigeon. After a little investigation and a great deal of intrigue I took the plunge and decided to try my hand at keeping and flying ĎTipplersí this was 3 years ago and I had entered a whole new ball game in a completely different world as I was about to learn.

My first tipplers were 10 young birds which were homed in a nice new loft. Fed, watered and cared for as I had done with my previous Racers and Tumblers. All seemed to be going well and they were all seemingly fit and healthy.

Some weeks went by and it was time to test how good I was at this new sport, needless to say! I wasnít very good at all. Making all the necessary preparations and with little knowledge the 10 beauties were unleashed and launched into the sky. Well one thing they could do was fly and fly and fly in fact they kept on flying disappearing into the Mile High Club and 8 of the ten never returned ( perhaps they are still flying now), this disaster really ruffled my feathers as to where I had gone wrong.

It was back to the drawing board, or I should say to the Internet! Hoping to gain some advice and knowledge on flying Tipplers.

Thanks to the likes of Kenny Bennett (Wolverhampton) and Nash Milic (Las Vegas) amongst thousands of other Tippler Fans, whom with out their help I would have given up, but now Iím completely hooked and there is no going back.

I would like to thank all the Tippler folk who have given help and advice through their Internet Sites, and I hope you enjoy what you see on my site. Please send your comments and view here and we will publish as much as we can.

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